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6 Reasons Why You should Never Give Up

by Macdera Nwaeze

It feels great to look so good in your own skin and feel the beautiful you. However, we all know how life can be very tiring, intimidating, and annoying with its ups and downs. During this difficult period in a person’s life, what differentiates everyone from each other is what I should call their CHOICE OF DECISION! 

This is the period of time where a person chooses to either continue and face life squarely, ready for all its ruggedity, or just give up. Giving up now is that it leads to depression, withdrawal into their shell and in most cases, suicide. Suicide is the toughest decision you make out of life. The reason most people commit suicide is because they think it will end each and every of their sorrows. However, it only aggravates the situation.

Now, this write up is intended to change your sense of thinking and make you see reasons to live and never give up.

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The following are six reasons to stand strong and not give up:

  1. PURPOSE: Believe it or not, every person born into this world is born to fulfill a mandate. Everyone has that purpose the creator has imposed on him/her, and until that purpose comes to fulfilment, you have no right to give up. It’s so sad to see many people die without fulfilling their purpose in life, but the moment you understand that you have that purpose to fulfill, It should urge you to stand strong.
  2. PRIDE: Secondly, Everybody came to earth through a family. Your family is your second god because they’re there to protect, provide for, and guide you as you grow up. Now, You should not always forget that it is now your duty to make them proud. Realizing that you’re to make your parents and family proud is another reason you shouldn’t give up!
  3. MODELING: Of course, you should know that there is just that one or more persons that look up to you, with or without your consent. They might just like something about you; probably your composure, the way you talk or perform a particular action, and unknown to you, they take you as their role model. Whenever you feel like giving up, Always remember those looking up to you and consider how they’ll feel if you should give up and stop doing those things you do that made you earn their respect and trust.
  4. ENEMIES: Now, one thing you should never forget is that with or without offending anybody, you sure will have enemies. It is normal for some set of people to just hate you for no reason. They just see fault in whatever you do though, but it is now your duty to keep doing what makes you feel good and happy. You know giving up will make these people overjoyed, right? That is the more reason you should not quit.
  5. AMBITIONS: Bringing it down to yourself, You are another reason you shouldn’t give up. Yes, You! Asides staying strong for the ones you love, you also have to be strong for yourself. Everyone sure has an ambition. Striving hard towards your dreams and ambitions is another cool step you should risk taking. Don’t just stay strong for other people; Always ensure to do what makes you happy too, It would reduce the thoughts of giving up!
  6. GENERATIONS AHEAD: Also, Never forget that seeds and generations would come from you. The thought of getting married, having kids and raising them is awesome, but you must ask yourself if you’re living a life worth emulating. Understanding that there are generations coming from you is also another reason you shouldn’t give up!

Don’t just get moody all day; Make something out of life! Do well to feel great in your skin and never ever have that thought of giving up, because I trust you’ll keep these reasons in mind. It is meant to urge you on, dear. Be sure to make an impact on someone; That way, You’ll never give up!

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