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Hypocrisy during courtship and the dangers involved

by Amebohour

Now, I have come to realize that Courtship before marriage is very essential to both spouses (male and female gender)

While some court before marriage, others might wave it off as a waste of time and go ahead to get married and sooner than expected, the couples begin to have problems in their marriages and when this happens, the witches and wizards are to be blamed as usual.

There are some problems we create for ourselves without even knowing.

Courtship is that limited time you have to get to know your partner in and out. It is that one time you have to decide if he/she is good for you before saying “I do”, knowing fully well that it’s a lifetime thing.

It’s a time you get to know his/her flaws and imperfections and weigh them with your behavioural etiquette to see if your temperament won’t spoil things.

Now, Having fully understood what courtship fully entails, It’s so sad that some people still pretend during courtship with the excuse that they’re scared to lose their partners.Why do you begin to have a rethink after you’ve gotten married to your spouse, stating that he/she is not the same person you married?

This is because, that your partner, who was once sweet and loving chose to pretend during courtship, and you were blindfolded by only the good sides of him/her.

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Never pretend to be who you’re not, or hide some part of you during courtship!

Reasons??¬†That is the time your partner gets to know if he/she can cope and put up with those things he/she wouldn’t like about you. If he can’t manage your flaws, LET HIM GO! If she can’t love you for who you are, LET HER GO!

You are not entitled to suffer or please anyone because everyone has that one person that is meant for him/her. So, Just let the you in you be the you that you are!

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