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Seven Things You Must Carry Like A Crate Of Egg

by Macdera Nwaeze

There are things we must carry and handle with extra- carefulness because these things are fragile and once broken, it is not easy to put back together and once some of these things get broken, they can lead to huge damage and destiny wastage.

  1. YOUR NAME: Your name is very important and fragile. There are names that stinks in the ears of people simply because, those who bear those names spoilt the name. The way to handle your name with care is to be careful of your doings. Your actions can rubbish your name. A good name can open doors for you and for your children and generations after you. Carry your name with carefulness. It is a huge asset.
  2. YOUR HEART: Many hearts are broken, shattered, wounded and bitter today. One of the factors responsible for this is because many of these hearts’ owners were careless with their hearts. You can guard your heart from being broken and bitter. Run away from people, and things that are bent on breaking your heart. Carry your heart like a crate of eggs. You need a whole heart before you can be said to be fully whole!
  3. YOUR HEALTH: Your purpose is your destiny. If you don’t handle it with utmost care, it can slip off your hands, gaze and get broken. So many things can come like pressure on this crate of egg of purpose like Discouragement, lack of fund, anxieties, etc. These are things that may want to come like pressure on your purpose to break it. Don’t allow them! Carry it with care. Carry your purpose away from people and things that may want to put pressure on it and break it.
  4. YOUR HEALTH: You only have this body as a vehicle that will carry you through your journey of destiny in this life. Handle your health with care. No matter how big your vision is, once you drop dead, nobody can really run the vision like you. Fight for your health! Avoid things that can destroy your health. Wealth is useless when your health becomes useless. Don’t kill yourself before your time. Do your best to stay alive. We still need you here on earth. Don’t use FORK, KNIFE, GLASS and SPOON to dig your grave. Watch what you EAT and DRINK. Don’t eat anything because it is edible and don’t drink anything because it is appetizing. Always pray for divine immunization against sickness and diseases.
  5. YOUR MARRIAGE: So many people handle their marriages like a carton of indomie noodle. Your marriage is fragile; Handle it like a crate of egg; It must not break! A broken marriage is not easily put back together, because, when a marriage breaks, many things get broken with it. Remember, it takes two to tango. Husband and wife must always carry their marriage like an egg; It must not break!
  6. YOUR WORDS: Your worth is attached to your words, so be careful with your words. Once broken, you can’t gather them up again. Many people are careless with their words. They speak violently and carelessly. They make empty promises and break them. Some say things they later wish they never said. Guard your words and be careful with your diction.
  7. YOUR ETERNITY Those who are running up and down to fulfill destiny here on earth do not belong here. The matter of eternity is not something you should handle with levity. Think about where you will spend eternity for you and I will surely die one day. All that we are and have in this world are vanity upon vanity. Take the matter of your end very serious and stop living carelessly as if you have an extra life. Don’t live for the pleasure of this world; Have the hereafter mind in all that you do. Grace is still available!

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