Simi reveals her “only” reason for getting married, Adekunle Gold responds

Singer Simi and Adekunle Gold have been married for months now and the singer has revealed the funny reason for which she agreed to walk down the aisle.

The “Joromi” hitmaker posted a picture on her instagram page wearing what looked like her husband’s shirt and a pair of track suit pants.

In her post, she said that the only reason why she decided to get married is to be able to wear her husband’s clothes without giving them back.

According to the singer, love is all about compromising and in this case compromising means letting the wife have her way.

She wrote:

“Only reason I got married was so I could wear all his clothes and never give them back. that’s the only reason he didn’t want to get married. so love is compromise. compromise is her having her way.”

Her husband Adekunle Gold, the victim, replied her post by saying “Welp!!!”

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